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Screenshot Tool

Get the changes right the first time with an easy to use screenshot tool. Crop, mark, highlight areas and share to others in your team, via email or submit it to your unique domain and tell then exactly what they need to do.

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Available for Mac OS X and Windows.


Seamlessly link your account to & paypal, or print your invoicing

Get the fastest turn around possible from cost estimate, to approval to payment. In addition to managing the invoicing within the system, users have the luxury of taking immediate payments through Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard & American Express) in addition to Paypal, and checks as well. payment system takes the headache out of managing a separate financial system and handles your company's finances with ease.


Create recurring invoices as well as track paid and unpaid ones, and adjust settings that comply best with your client and your financial departments

As yet another integral part of our integrated financial system, allows users to set up an invoice directly within the system. Insert multiple line items and send the invoice in one step .