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Special Feature

Screenshot Tool

Get the changes right the first time with an easy to use screenshot tool. Crop, mark, highlight areas and share to others in your team, via email or submit it to your unique domain and tell then exactly what they need to do.

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Available for Mac OS X and Windows.


Put your own brand at the top

In addition to customizing the features of your site, the system allows you to put your logo at the top and maintain your brand as your clients, or prospective clients interact with you through the software.

User Permissions

Grant different access to different type of users

We understand not all information in a project management system is meant for everyone to see, which is why we've created access settings that will limit what managers can and cannot see. Whether its public comments, sensitive financial information, feedback and private cases, you can choose the privilege levels for your employees and give you and your project managers' confidence in what they can and can't access.


As an international solution, allows you to adjust settings such as currency, time zones, date configuration and more

Adjust the account settings to best reflect the way your organization is structured. Adjustable settings include turning features such as time tracking and invoicing, as well as email notifications on and off as well as features that help adapt to international clients like currency, time zones and data configuration modifications. Allow the technology to adapt to your enterprise.


The settings area provides you a shortcut to adding companies, projects and accounts

The accounts tab serves as a place to modify basic account information, as well as create new users. Creating new users is as simple as declaring their username, password and user type as well as additional information you may find necessary. From the accounts tab, license holders may also make additions, or modifications to their team information, companies to whom they have projects under as well as serve as a shortcut to creating new projects, cases, etc.

Workflow Customization

Choose from one of our dynamic workflow settings to better reflect your companies processes adapts to your organization. Because the workflow of every company is different when it comes to evaluating a project, projecting estimates, approvals and more, we have adapted the system accordingly. Adjust the workflow settings to best reflect the way your organization operates. Technology should adapt to your organization, not the other way around .