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Screenshot Tool

Get the changes right the first time with an easy to use screenshot tool. Crop, mark, highlight areas and share to others in your team, via email or submit it to your unique domain and tell then exactly what they need to do.

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Generate accurate Feedback & Reports's reporting capability provides an unparalleled view of your business. From financial reports that help show the profitability of each project, or the utilization rate of a given employee or team, to Client and survey reports that show the satisfaction level of your clients and how you can continue to improve your bottom line, this is where the thousands of projects and cases become critical to the user and help the business forward.

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Understand what makes your customers tick

Putting your finger on the pulse of your customers' satisfaction level is critical to growing your business. The Survey tool allows users to survey their clients, through a variety of types of formatted questions, in order to better meet their clients' needs.