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Screenshot Tool

Get the changes right the first time with an easy to use screenshot tool. Crop, mark, highlight areas and share to others in your team, via email or submit it to your unique domain and tell then exactly what they need to do.

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Organize and track your projects, cases and team progress with a tagging feature

When dealing with multiple cases over multiple projects, it's tough to stay organized. Filtering through projects isn't enough to have insight into your team's progress and workload. By tagging cases, you have a more visibility into your organization. Tracking delivery dates, overdue cases and all other work on the horizon becomes exponentially easier. The tag feature allows you to access data within the system as quickly and easily as possible.


Set a group of cases to mark a significant progress across any project

Designed to integrate with the tagging feature, Milestones give you the ability to mark or track significant cases that have the same delivery date. For example, if you're tagging a series of tasks that are due on a particular project for John Doe on December 1st, you may also create a milestone to mark the significance these series of cases may have on that project. The milestones are visible within a two-month outlook calendar within the 'Milestones' tab.

Bulk Update

Manage your cases efficiently and easily with bulk updates that allow you to manage the status, delivery date and priority in a single click

Edit the status, priority, owner, delivery date or tag of your tasks using bulk updates. Bulk updates give users the ability to update multiple cases at one time. As the scope of projects change or priorities shift, it becomes burdensome, especially on larger scale projects, to change properties like status, priority or delivery date, one by one. With Bulk Updates, users can select several or even dozens of cases at one time and update their criteria with a click of the mouse.

Task Categorization

In Progress, Testing, Overdue, Closed

Offer your colleagues high level insight into their workload. With Task Categorization through the dashboard, you're able to bring visibility into how many, and which tasks are In Progress, Overdue, as well as those that have already been closed. This provides a great snapshot for the workload of you and your team, as well as their past productivity.

Task Priority

Emergency, Urgent, High, Medium and Not Urgent

Different tasks require different levels of attention. By utilizing the case priority feature, you ensure your team can focus on what's most time sensitive and also, what is most important to your bottom line. By categorizing each case you ensure that your workload is executed in the most strategic way possible.

Last Searches

Review recently updated accounts quickly and easily

Just as it indicates the recently changed column in the interface allows you to quickly access cases and projects that have recently changed. Rather than research by project name or an individual case number, it allows you and your team members to access these items immediately.