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How it works

Special Feature

Screenshot Tool

Get the changes right the first time with an easy to use screenshot tool. Crop, mark, highlight areas and share to others in your team, via email or submit it to your unique domain and tell then exactly what they need to do.

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Available for Mac OS X and Windows.

Screen Shot Tool

Integrated Screen Grab Tool

Show, don't just explain the problem with a screen grab tool integrated directly into the software

When it comes to understanding your clients taste and preference in a development environment, often times a picture is worth 10,000 words. With an integrated screen grab tool, your clients have the ability to screen grab, crop, comment and explain the changes they're expecting from you. Yet the screenshots can be saved instantly and also send through email with a click of the mouse.

How it works:

  • 1. Take a screenshot with's screen grab tool.
  • 2. Comment, Highlight, Write or Crop on the captured image.
  • 3. Add the image to your url with the click of a button. Allow friends to comment, tweet it, email it or share it with others.